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Spice Up Your WordPress Posts with Icon Fonts (No Coding Required)

Do you want to add some flair to your WordPress post editor? Icon fonts are the answer! They allow you to easily include images and symbols within your text, giving your posts a unique touch. Don’t worry about slowing down your site or dealing with complicated HTML code because we’ll show you how to use icon fonts effortlessly in this article.

Using icon fonts in the WordPress editor

Method 1: Add Icon Fonts Using JVM Rich Text Icons

This method is perfect for any type of WordPress website. With the JVM Rich Text Icons plugin, you can effortlessly add icon fonts to your posts. After installing and activating the plugin, you’ll notice a Flag icon in the block toolbar. Simply click on it to choose from a wide range of icons. You can even customize the style using the built-in color tools. The plugin works seamlessly with various text blocks, such as Paragraph, List, Button, Columns, and more.

Choose icons to insert

Method 2: Insert Icon Fonts with Font Awesome

If you don’t frequently use icon fonts in your WordPress posts, the Font Awesome plugin is a great option. After installing and activating it, you can use shortcodes to display the font icons. Simply add the shortcode with the desired font name, which you can find on the Font Awesome cheatsheet page. While you won’t see the icons in the block editor, you can preview your post or page to see how they’ll appear on your live site. Keep in mind that using the ‘Shortcode’ block might limit your styling options compared to other text blocks.

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Adding icon fonts using shortcode

Method 3: Embrace Icon Fonts with WordPress Page Builders

For those who love designing landing pages or creating customized website themes, using a WordPress page builder like SeedProd is a game-changer. After installing and activating the SeedProd plugin, you can start building your landing page. Choose from a selection of stunning pre-designed templates or work from a blank canvas. Within the page builder interface, you can easily add icons using the ‘Icon’ or ‘Icon Box’ blocks. Customize their appearance and even include accompanying text. The drag-and-drop design tool makes it a breeze to create the perfect page layout.


Whether you’re using JVM Rich Text Icons, Font Awesome, or a WordPress page builder like SeedProd, icon fonts can enhance the visual appeal of your WordPress posts. Feel free to experiment with different styling options and unleash your creativity. Add some pizzazz to your posts and captivate your readers!

If you want to learn more WordPress tips and tricks, visit WpHolic. We’ve got you covered!

Disclaimer: This article focuses on using icon fonts in the WordPress post editor and does not cover contact information or related links.

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