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What is Canva ?

Canva is probably no stranger to many people, but not everyone knows about it. Canva is a website used to design graphics, logos, posters, templates, CVs, or anything else you want. It has grown extremely quickly due to its many features, cross-platform capabilities, and huge resources.


Currently Canva.com has two main servers: Canva Global (https://canva.com) and Canva China (https://canva.cn). In which Canva Global is used for all countries around the world and Canva China only serves one Chinese market. The two servers operate separately both in terms of accounts and available components and templates.Canva china

The interface of the website Canva.cn


Canva is always free for all individuals or groups, but if you want to use many other features such as: Create branding, download Fonts or use many components, templates, advanced features Only for pro accounts, you need to upgrade your account to pro.

Here is a comparison of the features between the packages that Canva offers

Canva Plans and Pricing
Canva Plans and Pricing

In addition, Canva offers free plans for students, faculty, and nonprofits. To learn more, you can visit the official Canva website: https://www.canva.com/pricing/


The price of Canva pro package is currently priced at $12.99/month for 1 member and $14.99/month for 5 members. If you pay 1 year in advance, you will save 16%, only $ 119.99 / 1 year for 1-member package and $ 149.90 / year for 5-member plan.

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However, if you do not qualify to buy Canva’s pro packages or feel their prices are too high, rest assured, we will still have a way to help you own a genuine Canva account and use it all. Features of the Pro pack

Read more details here: How to get Canva Pro for free Lifetime?

With the above article, you will own a Canva Pro Premium account for free and only need to be subscription once.


Under Canva’s current policy it is 100% free for elementary, middle and high school teachers and their students. Details of features dedicated to education, you can see the image below

Canva Edu
Canva For Edu Free

If you own an email in .edu format, you can sign up for a Canva Education account with the full features above. If you do not know how to register, you can see our tutorial here:

Instructions for creating a Canva for Education account  How to get Canva pro lifetime


Owning a Canva Pro or Canva Education account is not as difficult or expensive as we think. And today WpHolic will introduce to you 4 ways to own a Canva account

  1. Buy directly at Canva homepage for $12.99/1 month
  2. Register an account with Education email to use the full features of the Pro package exclusively for students, students, and teachers.
  3. Take a teacher’s class
  4. Join the Pro package: Canva For Team

However, the above 4 ways we all have to spend money to be able to own a Pro account. If you’re looking for a way to create your own account, don’t worry, keep reading our article.

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If you already have a Canva Pro or Canva Education account and still don’t know how to use Canva, you can refer to our guide or quizzes from this article:

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In this article we will answer the questions that people care about the most.

Surely this article will answer a lot of questions for you and help you to use Canva and even earn money.


Có rất nhiều cách kiếm tiền từ Canva, và để kiếm được tiền trên đó cũng không hề khó khăn, chúng tôi sẽ liệt kê một vài cách mà các bạn có thể kiếm được tiền

  1. Trở thành người đóng góp và bán những thiết kế của bạn. Tuy nhiên hình thức này đang bị tạm dừng nhưng vẫn có thể mở lại trong tương lai. Chi tiết tại: https://www.canva.com/contributors/
  2. Become a Canva Creator and earn a passive income doing what you love. Link : https://www.canva.com/creators/. Canva Creators can publish elements and templates to the marketplace. Elements are design assets like photos, graphics, illustrations, vector art, icons, and custom stickers. Templates are customizable layouts for presentations, social media graphics, videos, t-shirts, brochures, flyers, posters, and so much more.
  3. Freelance design with Canva. Custom design using Canva on sites like fiverr.com
  4. Contributor for Canva Pro: This form is almost like the Affiliate Marketing model. You will register to become an affiliate with Canva to other users.
  5. Designing and creating unique creative or on-demand product printing templates from Canva is also one of the hot ways to make money. You can associate with manufacturers of items such as Austria, mugs, etc. To sell your designs on e-commerce platforms.
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Canva is a software, a really great website, it just helps us to design quickly without knowing much. Not only that we can make money from it easily.
Owning a Pro or Education account is too easy.
If you don’t already have a full-featured Education Pro account, visit the link below to join a free WPHolic class right away.

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